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B the One goes international!, 3 feb 2014

Quite unexpectedly B the One is going to get some serious attention from magazine publishers world wide! We are being interviewed at the moment for the Innovations in Magazine Media World Report of the Federation of International Publishers, which will be released at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin on March 24th and 25th 2014. The report will be sold to media groups around the world for the rest of the year and translated into several other languages. For this reason we will make the first mass customized edition of B the One available in English. It can be ordered at

More info about the Digital Innovators’ Summit on

The English version of B the One will have roughly the same elements as the Dutch version, will be customized and matched with your personal profile and will cost 17,50 euro, including a unique and personalized cover and excluding freight. There are 20 editorial versions.

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